maandag 22 februari 2010

Nartvind, Verivala and Forbidden citadel of spirits out now (18/07/2010)

Last copies of FCOS and Verivala pro tapes, no more trades!
- Nartvind "Mist" pro tape 4euro

"One of the very few bands coming from Belgium wich plays BM as it should sound coming with 2 new tracks wich were recorded during the "Ruinous" album session (wich will be released on lp and cd by Grievantee). 250 copies."
- Forbidden citadel of spirits "Wandering through..." pro tape 5euro

"Filthy and obscure BM from the depths of hell! 100 copies."
- Verivala "Uuden aamun sarastus" pro tape 5euro
"True finnish BM, previosuly released 7"ep by Grievantee now on tape. 100 copies."